New Spanish Teacher is Welcomed to CHFHS


Nahaliel Green, Staff Reporter

This year at CHFHS there are several new staff that came from all over and joined the hustle hard team, one of them being our new Spanish teacher, Ms. Biotondo.

Ms. Biotondo comes from a small town south of Syracuse, New York.  She attended Brigham Young University in Utah and Trinity University in Washington, D.C. While there she got a bachelors degree in History and Language. Then she decided to spend a year in Costa Rica where she developed her expertise in Spanish.

After leaving she taught Spanish at Oxon Hill High School for 14 years. But she says she likes CHFHS because the students here are very respectful and friendly. But she does miss and a few staff and students at Oxon Hill.

Ms. Biotondo loves to travel.Over the years she has been halfway around the world to countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, France, Panama, Puerto Rico and several other countries. The next place she plans to visit is England.