Fake Mistake


Virginia Bates

How did we end up as friends

Said, we’d never let this end

Heart on ice, making sure I never fall for you again

Really thought you were the one

But you went and proved me wrong

Now I’m stuck with all these feelings leaking through this song


I thought we were meant to be

I guess you thought differently

I thought we would last forever

But I guess it was temporary

I don’t know where I went wrong

Why could we not get along

I prayed for a sign from above

But I guess I’m no good at love


I became obsessed with you

All the things you put me through

It’s just so crazy how much you changed now I’m feeling all this pain

Why would you play this game

Numbness flowing through my veins

Sorry for my mistake

Never thought you’d be this fake


How you gonna do me like that

You just stab me in the back

Asking for a second chance

But now that just sounds wack

I know there’s a place for me

But not with you apparently

So, I’m packing up my stuff

I’m leaving and won’t come back


Should’ve known that you were fake

Trusting you was my mistake

Maybe it was for the best now I’m cleaning up your mess

You were messing with my head

I swear to god that we are through

You won’t see me coming back to you