What to do if you have pets during the COVID-19 pandemic ?


Divine Obidike

Since the pandemic has started people everywhere have been concerned about their pets and the Coronavirus. Doctors and Veterinarians have conducted research and testing and recommended that people quarantine with their pets, especially pets with fur. Pets should stay inside because the virus could be on their fur in the same way it is on other hard surfaces, such as tables, but vets say some cats cannot stay indoors for long periods of time due to stress-related medical reasons that will affect some cats. The British Veterinary Association has informed us that animals “can act as fomites” which are objects that can become contaminated and can hold the virus on their fur if they are petted by someone who has contracted the virus. An example of this situation is the tiger at the Bronx Zoo, but there is no evidence that animals can pass the virus to humans.