Coronavirus Making A Change On The Environment

Jordan Coleman

The worldwide pandemic that has been containing humans in their homes for weeks now has made a positive impact on our environment. While we have been staying inside for days at a time, practicing social distancing, and cutting down our contact with the outside world. The environment we live in has been thriving from our short time with being outside. Here are two of the ways we have impacted our environment by staying home, we have had a decrease in air pollution. With the reduction of people traveling through car, plane, ship, and overall limited time spent outside, it has reduced the carbon footprint of many and reduced the emissions of carbon globally. According to the New York Post, “China’s carbon emissions were 25% lower in February compared to the same time last year…That reduction is equivalent to more than half the annual emissions of the UK alone, according to the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air. China’s level of nitrogen dioxide, a greenhouse gas that can cause respiratory problems and cancer, was down 42%, according to government monitoring stations…But the evidence is showing that our atmosphere might just be a little healthier during this time. Satellite images released by the European Space Agency (ESA) have shown a dramatic reduction in atmospheric nitrous oxide.”
Another way that our stay-at-home routine has helped the environment is by allowing the animals to have the room to roam around the area.  Areas, where houses, buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, and more were created, are natural habitats to these creatures. With the human population being isolated in the house, animals are able to enjoy the uncrowded areas and have a healthier way of living.
Although the pandemic has lowered our carbon footprint and has created a better way of living for both animals and humans, it is not a long term solution to the human environmental impact given that we produce more carbon output than any other factor. However, staying home is not only protecting yourself and your health but also the health of other organisms, and by finding a little positive in times like this, we can beat this pandemic!