How To Be Motivated During Quarantine


Virginia Bates

Nobody can argue that COVID-19 has changed our lives on a massive scale. Our habits aren’t what they used to be and many people fail to keep up with their schoolwork or take good care of themselves because they lack motivation or just don’t know where to start. There are 2 steps that are easy to follow to deal with this situation, and will hopefully provide guidance to many students.
Be Organized
Since we have distance learning you have to stay have task! Use the provided Distance Learning Student Planning Template. Use the template to keep track of all your classes. If you have a Zoom or Google hangouts meeting with a teacher, write down the date and time of the meeting. This is very important because it will save you time before the meeting starts. Make a list of all your classes and write down everything you need, along with the deadlines, for each class to get completed. As soon as you open your chromebook, check your school email and everything on Google Classroom. Everything related to your homework, and meetings, is going to be contained in your school account. Check it daily if you want to be up to date with everything that has been going on. I know too many emails can be daunting on occasion. To prevent unnecessary confusions on what you should do for each class, simply write down everything important. Once you have figured out everything, begin with the assignment due next. That doesn’t mean you have to complete it right away; give yourself time for brief breaks, or just for a while to adjust subjects. I would suggest working on each subject a little bit every day, so you’re on the track and don’t forget the subject.
Even though we are in quarantine you can still exercise without a gym. Exercising is one activity that many people need to do. Many people don’t realize it and just ignore it. Exercise is a genuinely healthy activity with several benefits. Some of the benefits are healthy weight, sleep better, helps with depression and also prevents some diseases as obesity, diabetes type 2 and high blood pleasure. There are different kinds of exercises that can do at home to help you to get these benefits and keep you looking good. Exercises, at the same time motivate you to do it other things by putting you in a better mood. Exercise is more important than just having an attractive physical body, but this is the perfect time to work on your summer body or to just get in better shape. Don´t forget to watch what you eat and keep a healthy diet! Don´t use quarantine as an excuse to eat junk food an drinks everyday. Keep yourself in check.
Once again, it´s encourage that all students to take this time seriously and work hard to keep their grades up. Good luck and stay safe!