Food Supply Suspended

Darasimi Fagbuyi

Recently, Tyson Foods has been forced to temporarily close at a number of plants because of the COVID-19 outbreaks or because they were short of staff caused by the pandemic. Tyson has said that the company adopted several new practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at its facilities.
Tyson’ s full-page ads come less than a week after the company was forced to suspend operations at its largest pork plant in Waterloo, Iowa. The company also temporarily shut down plants in Indiana, Washington and another one in Iowa. As of last week, four Tyson Foods employees had been reported to have died from the coronavirus. This announcement by Tyson is the latest upset to the meat industry and potentially the U.S. food supply.
JBS is one of the biggest meat processing companies in the world. It has closed several of its U.S. facilities because of the COVID-19 outbreaks. Smithfield Foods, the biggest pork processor in the nation closed its Sioux Falls plant after hundreds of its employees tested positive for COVID-19. With the way things are looking it won’t be long until everything comes crashing down.