One of the Greatest Games Ever Made Grand Theft Auto 5 Review: Rockstar Makes One of this year’s best games


Delonte Musgrove and Nahaliel Green, Staff Writer

Grand Theft Auto doesn’t need any introduction. Everyone knows about this title regardless if they ever played it. Yet another chapter inside of the GTA platform and Rockstar has made yet another gem. You assume the role of 3 characters. All of these Characters have unique lives, personalities and stories.
Michael a successful retired robber that was a professional in his trade. Franklin a young upcoming criminal that is tired of gang activities and wants to make real cash with real opportunities. Trevor an edgy, Ex-Air force pilot and former accomplice of Michael’s who have fallen through the cracks of society.
These three band together to make the quick dollar by pulling sophisticated Heists out for the big scores they will do anything to get the job done. I am not going to spoil the story for people who haven’t played it but there are a lot of twists and turns in this game that keep you wanting more.
The replay-value is very high there are multiple standpoints in the story; the world reacts different to each character. Physical motion of the character has a very life like approach.
Now I didn’t get to play the online part of the game because of all the errors that have been going on but once I get to play it a review will be fore coming. For the most part Grand Theft Auto V is looking at being a contender game of the year my rating for this game is a 10/10.