Success Does Not Possess

Joshua Fitch

Success is not etched
on a piece of paper
that controls our lives.
Success is engraved
to our hearts
and only open
when we found out
true happiness.
The meaning of life is not that
Life is about learning
accept yourself
and let everything flow
in the most natural condition,
Release and float
from the wind with the soul
a little
like a summer breeze
Let’s see where life is
The journey takes you
Let’s admire something
or someone you love
from a distance,
Not poop
they are by suffocating
as we call it
it’s about finding yourself
and the meaning itself
for its existence
very small,
very isolated
and pulled intricately
To find out where you are
and match the important things
and endless whirlwinds
We call space.
Success is not
only for life
but to live and be happy
with you.