Coronavirus: Global Recovery


Virginia Bates

Data shows, global COVID-19 (coronavirus) total recoveries have passed 1,200,000! The number of people who have recovered is now nearly five times the number of deaths globally. This is reassuring and hopes for everyone involved in this pandemic.
The total number of global COVID-19 cases has passed 3.6 million with more than 1.2 million recovered and over 258,000 fatalities. — John Hopkins, Coronavirus Resource Center
There have been 100.00+ recorded recoveries in the last 3 days, of May 6, 2020, according to John Hopkins, Coronavirus Resource Center.
This is all thanks to the first responders specialized who help to prevention and support and everyone who is staying inside and wearing a mask when they must go out for an essential function.
Even if this is remarkable news worth sharing, please continue to practice social distancing as the pandemic is not over yet, but it is on the road to be. Many people worldwide are still being affected. It may be still spreading and this could be far from done. We are not out of the woods yet so, don’t have too much hope.
Follow instructions on how to take care of yourself and others by protecting yourself and others from getting sick.

Most total recoveries In the US

New York – 59,000
Louisiana – 20,300
Texas – 16,800
New Jersey – 15,600
Minnesota – 4,600
Connecticut – 4,300
Maryland – 1,810

Total Recoveries by country:

USA – 190,00
Germany – 137,400
Spain – 123,500
Italy – 85,200
Iran – 80,500
China – 78,800
Turkey – 73,200