Golf Le Fleur Giannos Review


Jezabel Almanzar

As someone who’s been listening to Tyler, The Creator/ Odd Future since elementary school you could only imagine how excited I was one Tyler had dropped his Golf Wang fashion line. I’ve always wanted something of the Odd Future line but I was too young and afraid of confrontation from my mother to ask for something. When the Golf Le Feurs  Giannos were announced I instantly fell in love.

Converse describes the shoe as “inspired by ’90s silhouettes and Tyler, The Creator’s love for BMX biking and trail hiking in the outdoors, the Gianno subtly blends Converse’s sportswear heritage with Golf Wang’s playful personality.”

The colorways for the first release were absolutely amazing. They were unique and stylish. The Giannos truly give off that “sk8er” vibe many teens today are in love with. Of course, my heart is strange and I had to fall in love with the colorway that sold-out immediately. A year later I still hunted and hunted for them and finally found them on Depop. Depop is an indie resell app where people sell thrifted/ rare items. This girl from Californa was selling a pair in my size for $130. Being the cheapest I could find and the only pair in my size I quickly put up an offer and got them.  Fast forward to today, my package arrived at my doorstep and I’m going to do a review.


As soon as I open the packaging box the shoe boxes neutral color emerged. The box was a little damaged at the top but nothing too serious.  I slide the shoes out and BOOM! There they were, the Gianno Vintage Off Whites in all their glory. They looked exactly like the pictures online. Beautiful colorway, unique silhouette, and overall a super dope shoe. They fit like a glove and are true to size. The shoes are in male sizes so if your a girl like me make sure you know what male size you are and purchase the best fitting one. Below are pictures I took and honestly these are one of the best shoes in my closet so far. I would totally recommend these to anyone who’s into alternative fashion or just has good style.