Saffiatu Johnson

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If I’m being honest, there are parts of me that feel a little different

knowing that some things are going back to ‘normal’

I’m happy but not in joy at the same time

Deep down I still feel like a part is missing, but it’s also been a time to put myself first and tend to my own needs. Not in a selfish manner, but in a humble way.

I’m thankful for the time I’ve had to realize that.

I’ve definitely done a lot of self-reflecting and I’m slowly noticing a new vision for my life.

I’ve come to love me as I am, but why is it okay to pretend like you don’t care about yourself or put yourself down before you put yourself up? The truth is that we are too busy living up to the expectations society has for us.

If I may ask, do you truly love yourself or are you pretending to be someone you’re not?    *sigh*

Why waste time looking down on yourself because it’s not accepted by others to take pride or you feel like you don’t have the perfect body, beautiful skin or you’re not intelligent enough compared to others?

I say love yourself no matter what and take pride in who you TRULY are right now and let go of all the negative comments you receive from people. My mama always told me I’m “Perfect” and I should love myself even more because my heart is pure and I should treat people the way I want to be treated. We are all unique  and if that bothers someone in your life, well then maybe they shouldn’t be in your life.

SELF Reflection is very important because everything is connected.