Holiday Food Drive Count #5-11/18/2013

Holiday Food Drive Count #5-11/18/2013

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, the students of Charles Herbert Flowers High School give back to those who are less fortunate than us. The Main Street Journal is hosting its annual Holiday Food Drive and we still need your help! So far, we have collected a total of 1,512 canned goods and nonperishable items. Mrs. L. Williams is in first place with 226 donations and Ms. “Trash Talking” Ingram’s and Mrs. Coelho-Tooley are tied for second place at 205.

Ingram said, “It’s a conspiracy; they’re trying to get us. We will win at the end.”

Mrs. Coelho Tooley is in first lace for the 1A competition with 223 donations. Ms. Jones  1A is in second place with 184 and Mrs. Richardson is in 3rd place with 130.

To get as close to our goal of 2,000 cans as possible, we are going to extend the Food Drive to a BONUS ROUND!!! The last day for bringing in canned goods is now Wednesday, Nov. 20. So bring in as much as you can! Cereal, stuffing, cranberry sauce, noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, etc.

The prize is a Chik-fil-A breakfast!

T.Jones- 1A- 184

Ms. LS- 1A- 7

Ms. CR- 1A-10

Dulce- 1a- 56

Liggins- 1B-21

Coronel Harvey- 1A- 5

Gaskins- 1B- 18 1A-22

Hamilton-1A-2 1B-2

D. Smith- 1B- 10




Benons- 1a 3

CRI- 44

Adams-1B- 28

L. Williams- 1B-226

Ingram- 1B- 205 1A-14


Coelho-Tooley- 1A-223 1B-205

LaFon – 1B-9

Blake 1A-5

Scott- 1A-8

Arungwa – 1B -2

Isebor 1A -7