To My Dearest Mother !

Saffiatu Johnson

My heart

My soul

My everything

If I could give you the world for each tear you cried for me, 

I will give you a hand,

Our bond is very special

You are more than a mother to me

The many things you’ve done

All the times that you were there

Helps me know deep down how much you really care

Even though I might not say

I sincerely appreciate everything you do 

Richly blessed is how I truly feel 

Having a mother just like you

I’m really grateful to have you in my life

You gave me love and watch me grow

Without your love, I don’t know what I’d do

All the love, the laughter, you’re the best mom, it’s true 

I gave you hard times, but you were always there for me

Seeing you smile makes me even happier 

You gave me everything,

I couldn’t ask for a better mom

You’re everything I need

Thank you for everything 

No words can describe the amount of love I have for you

 I will forever cherish every moment we spend together

 May God grant all your prayers and continue to bless you

 And keep you safe

So that you may enjoy the fruit of your labor

To My Dearest Mother! 🙂