Social distancing being the cause of Anxiety?

Elijah Carroll

Since the breakout of the pandemic the world has been to a halt. Children have been stuck at home, and for some, the only communication they have are over video game chats. Most haven’t been themselves mentally because of quarantine. Why ? The only time certain children feel safe or free to express themselves is when they are at school talking to their friends, rather it be at P.E or lunch. All children aren’t able to afford a phone or laptop to keep in contact with their friends. There’s some children that are at home with nothing to do, they’re just trapped in a room. I use the phrase “trapped in a room” because not all children don’t have a great bond with their parents. Think of all the children that have abusive parents. The ones who talk to them with aggression and say rude comments, or the parents who physically abuse them. I’m hoping this brings something to your attention because there have been over a thousand suicide attempts since the first month of quarantine. These children need help, an outlet, a source of happiness. All I ask is we pray for the best of these children.