Why is it Important to be Politically Active?

Jordan Coleman

My maternal Great-Grandmother passed away in February in the year 2018 at age 95. In her youth and young adult years, she was denied many rights because of the color of her skin. She and others her age grew up in the segregation era – an era where Black Americans were not given the same opportunities as White Americans.  She had to march for the right to be treated equally, and even the right to vote in political elections.  My great grandmother also could not finish college beyond her second year, not because she wasn’t smart and not because she wasn’t capable (her mother had a degree and was a music teacher yet worked as a seamstress). Rather, it was because her family didn’t have the financial resources to assist her. 
As a high school student, it is even more important for us to be politically active and to follow current events. There are many political issues that are directly related to us or will be in the future. We will need to know how education policies impact and influence our choices associated with cost and financial aid. Also, by being politically active, we gain knowledge of the economy and understand that there are many people that need assistance with meals and clothing.
Paying attention to local politics also helps us understand the importance of volunteering. We don’t need to vote in order to volunteer in local politics and to stand up for what is right and just in my school and community. In order to do so we must be aware of the problem. These are small ways we as minors can help, which is why it is important to be politically active.