What is one of the scariest diseases in the world?

Ayanna Smith

Lassa Fever

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, this virus-caused disease had been wrecking our peace in the hospital. This is the scariest disease and it has no vaccine. The drugs used in treating the symptoms come with serious side effects. In the hospital, the transmission of this disease is through contact with the bodily fluids of the infected patients.
At the community level, people get infected through handling food and house-hold items contaminated by the rats’ urine or feces. It takes on average 21 days for symptoms to start presenting. When someone gets this disease, everyone will run away, because no one wants to be infected.
A few months ago, some doctors were exposed to a patient who had this disease. When the result came out positive, it was dramatic in the clinical meeting as doctors were weeping. This tells how dreadful it is.
This is a disease that will make one bleed from the eyes, nose, mouth, anus, ears. Rabies has a vaccine but Lassa Fever has no vaccine. Lassa Fever was first discovered in Nigeria and it is transmitted by rats. It is also endemic.
It is usually worse in the dry season when some people hunt these rats for meat. People consume the meat, get infected, and spread it to others, pathetic. It is more dreaded than Coronavirus in Nigeria. Just as bats are the natural reservoir for a range of coronaviruses, rats are the natural reservoir for the Lassa virus. If humans learned to leave wild animals alone, we would be free from most of the diseases that haunt us.