Supporting Black Lives Matter Protesters!

Supporting Black Lives Matter Protesters!

Deven Garcia

On Monday  I worked along with a mentor,  Chef Ricky (@chef_dmv) to help feed those protesting in Washington, Dc. We set up a table on K street NW and served all those we could, about 107 plates were made. We brought tons of food.  The  menu contained baked chicken thighs, rice and broccoli. Many were surprised of the quality of the food we offered and we were rewarded with smiles and compliments of the chefs good work. Being down there was a blast and I really enjoyed the experience, the crowds were mixed and you could just feel the overwhelming love.

” Chef Ricky (chef_dmv) interacting and talking to protesters “

” Graffiti on K Street NW “

” Controversial Demonstrator Caught Walking Amongst Crowd of Protesters “