Joshua Fitch

Imagine yourself
Alone in your head.
You’re hanging, dangling
From a silver thread.
Empty, alone
With the monsters within.
Internally screaming,
You just want to give in.
Now imagine that’s you
Every day, every hour.
Forever sinking
Like a wilting flower.
You try to tell your dad
And you try to tell your mom,
But they say you’re being silly,
You’ve just got to move on.
Because teens don’t know sorrow
Nor the hardships of life.
They’re just kids with imaginations
Just looking for attention, right?
You think that there’s none
Who knows how you feel.
You’re just so alone,
But the feelings- they’re real.
But mostly
And you’re friends,
They go on
Like nothing has changed.
“They must not care,”
Your thoughts whisper,
The lies in your brain.
You can’t escape it,
Trapped in your own skin.
You’re ugly,
You’re hated,
But you mask it with a grin.
You hate what you feel,
So instead you feel nothing.
Your insides are numb,
Your confidence crumbling.
You look to other things
To stop the pain.
Cutting, pills,
But it gives you no gain.
And the people around you
Shout abuse your way.
“You’re hurting yourself, stop it!”
That’s all they ever say.
No matter how you plead
That you’re broken inside,
They turn the other way,
They run, they hide.
They say you’re just foolish,
It’s all in your head.
What they don’t know is inside
You’re already dead.