9, 10, & 11th Locker Clean-Out Schedule


Virginia Bates

Charles H. Flowers will start Locker Clean-Out on Monday, August 10, 2020, to end the 2020 school year. Attached is the schedule for the Locker Clean-Out by Floors.
Students are the only persons allowed to enter the school to clean out their lockers. All students must wear a wear/face covering while in school property. All students will enter at Main and Bus school entrance, go directly to the locker, and remove all of their property and books. All books will be deposited on the first floor at the main and bus on the wood plates provided. (Any trash will be deposited in the trash cans that will be in the halls.) Then students will exit the building at Main and Bus to leave the school property. No student is to loiter in any parking lot or school grounds.

Please adhere to the schedule for your assigned day and time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this process.