Wednesday's Schedule at CHF


Virginia Bates

The schedule for Wednesday’s keeps changing

We understand that you are confused and frustrated that the schedule for Wednesdays changing so let me explain…
After some debate, the Maryland State Department of Education voted on new education guidelines, 3.5 Hours of daily on-camera instruction time for students. Contrary to the negotiation, classes would be active for at least 180 school days and have 6 hours of instruction each day.
State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon had been pushing for the proposal despite concerns from teachers that the changes were too close to the beginning of the school year. “I think that there is a way forward,” said Maryland State Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon. “We just have to follow the guidelines, and we have to make sure that everybody is doing their job before the kids come to school. We don’t want anyone coming that are sick.”

While this gives teachers time for remediation and intervention for students in need, others are not so on board with this plan.
The first week at Charles Herbert Flowers, the schedule had students reporting to class, Monday and Thursday as an “A” day, and the schedule for Tuesday and Friday as a “B” day. Wednesday had its own schedule with students learning independently, offline.
2 days later the schedule for Wednesday had changed. In order to ensure that CHF remained compliant with MSDE regulations as related to attendance, Principal, Dr. Brown brought forth Alternative Wednesdays in which students were to report to class on alternating weeks on Wednesday’s beginning with A day classes the week of August 31st. These classes were to be 25 minutes and the focus would be to take attendance and to identify students who might need some small group intervention.
Now Wednesday, September 9, 2020, the schedule has been changed again to met the requirements of MSDE. Now we are on a FULL schedule each weekday. Students are to report to class NORMAL times like other days. We are not on an abbreviated schedule anymore. Teachers will provide further direction once students arrive.
Now teachers, staff, parents, and students are confused and frustrated with the constant change. People took to social media to express how they feel about Wednesday’s Confusion.

“ I think it’s ridiculous and very messy, I think Wednesdays off and or short school days on Wednesdays would be best because no one wants to sit on a computer all day all week” said one student on Instagram
“It’s  so annoying. they cant keep changing as we go. they got to settle on something 🤦‍♂️”
“I don’t like how they keep changing and messing up my schedule” said another student “I plan stuff after school”
“I rather have the 25-minute classes than what we are doing now”

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