Superbowl Aftermath: Seahawks Cruise To Victory

Nahaliel Green, Staff Writer

This by far was the easiest Super Bowl win in the history of the game. Did the Broncos even try? And did anybody really imagine that the Seahawks would blow the Broncos out 43 to 8? The Seahawks were clicking on all cylinders and looked unstoppable on the field. Their defense showed no mercy to the Broncos offense.
The Seahawks scored every way possible from special teams returning a kick to the defense intercepting the ball and taking it back for a touchdown. The Seahawks totally played a complete all-around game that could not be stopped, this game was actual proof that defense can actually win championships, because the Seahawks only allowed this elite offense to score one touchdown during the entire game.
I sure didn’t think the Broncos were going to play the way they did especially knowing that Broncos had the number one offense all season thanks to Peyton Manning. However, on the field he did not play to his expectations because I was definitely expecting a better game from the NFL 5 time MVP.