Maya Clemons

Coach Rose, athletic director makes an announcement to the CHFlowers student body and says..
Good afternoon students,

“Welcome back to the Home of the JAGUARS!!!!
While I know this is not how we wanted to start the year, many of you are disappointed and have many questions. The athletic department at Flowers will work hard to produce the best experience possible for you as a student athlete.

You are being contacted because you’ve completed the prospective athlete form. All of you are invited to participate in the Virtual Sports Season during this first semester of school.
I am hopeful and look forward to us returning to the fields, gym, pool, track, course, etc. Until then we will provide a virtual experience for you.
JOIN US ON MONDAY, for the KICK OFF TO VIRTUAL “CYBER” FALL SPORTS. All students interested in the Fall season should join us at the WEBEx Meeting on Monday, September 14 at 7:00pm.
To join the event as an attendee
1. Go to https://pgcps.webex.com/pgcps/onstage/g.php?MTID=ef5e6d21d0890829b55358de8df484921
2. Click “Join Now”.
Flowers will have separate meetings throughout the week and coming months as well, so stay tuned for those LINKS.
Upcoming Calendar;
9/14 Monday – PGCPS Virtual Kick-Off (Fall Sports Only)
9/15 Tuesday- Flowers grade 10-12 students/families
9/16 Wednesday- New students 9th grade ONLY all sports
9/17 Thursday – Sport Specific -coach will contact you