Class of 2022 Code of Conduct Assembly


Virginia Bates

Greetings class 2022 of CHFHS,

We are excited to greet you for this academic school year, although we are not together physically, still hustle hard and double the hustle for you can be ready and successful for the year 2022.

This school year is different and important so make sure you are addressed with a few things.

Attendance- It is imperative that you attend School each and every day and attend all of your classes on time. If you’re out sick, have a doctor’s appointment, or any other excused issues, please be sure to send an email to your teachers to let them know that you will not be able to attend class and be received the work that you’ll miss.

Testing- Testing this year is unique as it will be virtual. This year all students will be administered the fall assessments diet Nauset breach test by Pearson. These tests will take place in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies so it is imperative that you are present testing day.

Communications- Please make sure you are communicating with your administrator (Mrs. Screws), your guidance counselor, and any other school personnel that will be of assistance to you as you work through this virtual school year.

Class Sponsors- Your class sponsors this year are Ms. Mebane and Mr. Adams. They will speak to you about all and everything that is going on with the class of 2022 along with the class officers. 

President, McKenzie Hooksharris

Vice President, Makayla Allen

Secretary, Adesola Adelegan

Treasurer, Marie Abongwa

Press Release, Taylor Penn

Fundraiser, Jordan Coleman

Chief of staff, Victor Villalta

Join Class of 2022 google class for information and updates with the code: 2s5zevo

In your 11th grade school year please do you turn all your classes daily and be on time. Do all of your classwork and your homework. Do be respectful and polite at all times to all adults, to your classmates, and to yourself.

Have an awesome day have a fantastic virtual school year and note that we here at Charles Herbert flowers high school are here to support you!