Valentines Day Poetry Contest Submission: Carlyn Winters, 9th

Valentines Day Poetry Contest Submission: Carlyn Winters, 9th

Oluchi Ike, Staff Writer

Inviting – exciting – emotion

With power I had never known,

A world of unchanged devotion

Because you were my very own.

Together we sailed in springtime

To an isle beyond seas of blue,

And when we returned,

A new life was waiting

In a valley of dreams.

I’ve seen you a million times

And every time I see you

I fall in love with you all over again.

My heart starts to race,

My frown turns into a smile,

And now all my worries are in the past.

When you smile at me,

My heart melts.

You give the sweetest hugs,

Your smile is like a new day.

You’re the first thing I think of

Every morning I awake.

You’re the last thing I think of

Every night after I’ve finished the day.

You’re in every thought I have

And every breath I take.

The feelings I have are growing stronger

With every move I make.

I have to prove I love you,

But that’s the hardest part.

So I’m giving all I have to give…

To you, I give my heart.

And as I write,

I’ll sing this song.

And thank God

For the love I’ve come to know.

Over and Over,

I prayed to God for a love so true.

Now I realize,

He already knew.

He blessed me with something so wonderful…

He blessed me with you.

I see your shadow,

As I lay myself to sleep.

Dreams of you, oh so sweet.

In my heart I will keep.

A Valentine’s Day Poem

Look into my heart, my life.

Tell me, what do you see?

Much joy and happiness you brought me?

If I had to live life again,

I’d live it with you.

My lover, my best friend,

Always and forever, I’ll love you until the end.