What does Wednesday Mean To You?

Professor Whitworth

On Wednesday, September 30, Professor Whitworth’s Journalism class responded to the weekly question or concern on how teachers and students are responding to the Wednesday’s schedule.
Students responded to the following question?   What does Wednesday mean to you?

Jahyem Malcolm

“My desire is to go back to sleep”
Tonique Francis
“Usually Wednesdays for me are very simple and stress free. They’re my favorite part of the week because I know the week is almost over. My teacher’s usually hold us for max 10 minutes, tell us our assignments, take attendance and bounce.  What I like to see of course is to just let out after attendance. lol!”
Moses Makinde

“My goal is to learn something that would help me in the real world, instead of something I’ll never use”

Donyae Mitchellfloyd

“Wednesday mean that I will come prepared to achieve anything that stands in my way”

Naomi Georges

“I think wednesday should be viewing of first semester and what we did so far” 

Oluwadamilola Afe

“From my experience, wednesdays are a day to catch up on work and just generally be a refresher into the week”

David Kyeremeh

“Wednesday’s are kind of confusing sometimes. I think Wednesday’s should be free because they started off by saying no school then they changed it.”

Worthyann Charles

“Wednesday’s for me is a chill day, I expect to go over assignments, and get to leave class early”

Taj Giles

“Wednesday mean a day to review and finish make up work an independent practice”

Kaydon Fraser

“Wednesday is a chill day a day to makeup work”

Faith Gemoh

“Discuss  on what we learned  already and get more  explanation to what we didn’t understand in the past days”

Royeddyson Fongummissibi

“Wednesday classes are boring, it just attandance but the make me stay in class for 1 hour”

Corbin Pettigrew

“Trashing articles , editing , posting”

Reese Carey

“My expectations are to complete any missing assignments and also try to get ahead of my new assignments so I don’t fall back because virtual learning is a little more complicated than physically being in school.”

Virginia Bates

“Reassemble into organized groups with expectations to finish tasks”

Elijah Carroll

“Time to catch up with work and just review to see were we are at and if there are any complications”

Mohamed Cole

“Wednesdays are very confusing because some teachers are just doing attendance and others are staying full time.”

Aamiyah Stewart

“Reevaluating, making sure everyone knows what they should be doing.”

Jada Winder

“The expectations for Wednesday is for teachers to go over work, take attendance, let us know what we are doing the next class day”

My’joi Holloway

“Wednesday’s are for getting more time to get caught up on assignments that’s due or was due. It’s also a review day for each class but no work included.”

Maya Clemons

“To make we know what we’re doing for the week”

Shyann Snyder

“My expectations for Wednesdays is to stay how it is where the teachers cant give us any new assignments it is just for catching up and finishing any of the assingments from the previous class beforehand.”

Maya Clemons 

“To make sure we know what we’re doing for the week.”

Kyle Holmes 

“My expectation for Wednesday is that we go see our teachers and go over what we learned last class and what we will be working on next class. That is really all that needs to happen but some teachers are giving work and then expecting them to be done the day after like they don’t have any other work to do.”