Valentines Day Poetry Contest Submission: Tori Greene 12th

Oluchi Ike, Staff Writer

This thing we call…

In one point in time, we have that feeling…
That fuzzy, sensitive, sensual feeling
Feeling the good, excluding the bad
Finally, those days are over of feeling sad…
With yourself, you’re out with the old in with the new
In the beginning, you have no hint for what to do
The feeling is great, there’s rarely a fight
Blind-folded in the midst, you’ve lost total sight
Something comes up..into the clear
It throws you off and you swiftly shift gears
Things get messy and start to corrupt
You fail to agree, anger builds almost erupt
You try and try to work things out
Things start to end with a scream and a shout
Tears are falling, your body is trembling
You start to lose trust and quit remembering
The memories, the laughs, the times you were together
You truly thought this would last forever…
Forever and ever you thought and thought
One last chance, and they blew their shot
After the war, the pain, and gaining some sight
You notice your heart no longer shines as bright
End of the story, the very last chapter
This thing we call…love, doesn’t always end “Happily Ever After”