Valentines Day Poetry Contest Submission: Caitland Okorafor 9

Oluchi Ike, Staff Writer



What does it really mean?

It means

Blood and sweat

Tears and pain

Sacrifices for whom or what

You care about

Love is

An unbreakable bond

Shown through actions and words

Kindness, consideration and concern

Not wanting to see your Love hurt

It means

Giving up your dreams

To start a family

Through sickness and health

Love is

Making up after

A bad breakup

Like jumping off a cliff

Your head says “NO!”

But your heart says “GO!”

It means

Power to the people that

have captured it

Love is

Like a rumor everyone talks about it

But no one truly knows

Love happens

To the people angry at the world

When they least expect it

Love is

Like heaven

But can hurt like hell

Love can

Pull you in

Even when you resist

Love is

The most powerful

Cure in the world

Then …BAM!

Love is gone

Snatched away

You didn’t understand

You didn’t know

That love was blind