Sportsmanship Pledge

Mohamed Cole and Carlyle Rose

Hello students, this is for all of our athletes! Click on the link below to sign the sportsmanship pledge.
Sportsmanship is the essence of any high school sports porgram.
Understanding that a spirit of good sportsmanship is an expectation of PGCPS Athletics, I pledge to hold my peers and myself accountable to the following standards:
RESPECT – I will respect all student-athletes, coaches, fans, officials, and visitors.
SUPPORT – I will support PGCPS Athletics through positive language, gestures, and cheers.
HONOR – I will honor PGCPS Athletics values through my behavior.
Google Form: Student-Athlete Pledge
“As a student athlete, I know I am a role model. I understand the spirit of fair play while competing. I will refrain from engaging in all types of disrespectful behavior, including inappropriate language, taunting, trash talking, and unnecessary physical contact. As a member of a Prince George’s County Public School System interscholastic team, I will display good sportsmanship and citizenship at all times. I hereby accept the responsibility and privilege of representing my school and community as a student-athlete.”