School Causing Us Too Much Stress

Shyann Snyder

Why does school cause people so much stress? Why can’t we be able to relax and be able to enjoy stuff, students that are in higher grades are always stuck doing a lot of work? When the teachers give all this work the students tend to stay up till late hours in the night just trying to complete the assignments. School has caused so many people a severe amount of stress between the students, the teachers, and many more people. Students and teachers can’t be able to do things that they want to do. So many people don’t understand the amount of stress people is going through with this distance learning. When are people going to realize the amount of pressure and stress that this pandemic has caused people to have? There have been many times that people have stated that they are either stressed or feeling so much pressure from the amount of work that is being given to us by the teachers. Teachers don’t exactly realize the situations that people may be going through at home since this pandemic had hit.  The teachers need to start realizing that there may be a lot going on at home for some people and that they shouldn’t be giving us such a large amount of work to do. This can be very stressful for people to try and help their families out and try to stay on top of their work and grades.