Remembering Koree Freeman


Virginia Bates

R.I.P Koree Freeman

C.H.Flowers High School athlete and alum Koree Ahmad-Diego Freeman passed away in a fatal car crash on October 11, 2020 on the BW Parkway in  Greenbelt, Maryland at 3:45AM. Family, friends, and loved ones were heartbroken by the news spreading on social media surrounding the death of Koree. The staff of CHFHSnwews  mourns with Koree Freeman’s family, we understand how disheartening this may be right now, so we send our thoughts and prayers to the affected individuals.

Tributes to Koree Freeman

An obituary website has been released for Koree Ahmad-Diego Freeman at Beall Funeral Home. On the website, you can send a flower arrangement and sympathy card to the family of Koree using the Sympathy Store. Also, you can review the guestbook with quotes sharing thoughts and memories of Koree. A funeral service was held on Sunday, October 18th, 2020 at 1:00 PM at the Beall Funeral Home.

Porscha Hilton from Bowie, MD, wrote on Oct. 17, 2020 Our sincere condolences and prayers goes out to Tee Tee and sons. I’m at a lost for words. Koree was a sweet, kind hearted, respectable, and funny young man with the most gorgeous bright eyes ever. When my son Noel and Koree played basketball for CHF he would look after Noel kept him focus and motivated in the games. I was truly devastating to here of the loss of Koree. May the Lord comfort the family during this difficult time and wrap your loving arms around them and give them strength. -From: The Hilton Family
Christian Zitney wrote on Oct. 18, 2020 I just wanted to send my condolences to you and your family. It’s not much but this is the only possible thing I can do to try to pay my respects. I know the Freeman family is overwhelmed with the passing of Koree. I just wanted to thank his brothers and mother for coming out to all the basketball games and showing love. I will be praying for you all to have strength and peace with the passing. I’m sorry for this, I really am. But things will get better and he’s watching over us

To the family, kindly receive our heartfelt condolences. If you have anything to say or condolence messages to share. Feel free to use the website or reach out to family and friends to show your sympathy by sharing their grieving messages across social media.


GoFundMe Page

At the moment a GoFundMe page has been created on behalf of the death of Koree by Tanya Washington on the behalf of the father, Kytemique Freeman. The fundraiser, Homecoming for Koree, has raised over $8,000 of a goal of $15,000. CHFHSnews has made a donation of $75 to the fundraiser.

Little at such as tribute in Paris can go along way to heal the family of their loss and reminded them the world still loves them.

RIP Koree Freeman