MSJ Voices DAY 3: Using Our Voices


Professor Whitworth

It is after school on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, at 3:00 PM, eight students showed up to learn how they can contribute to the publication of The Main Street Journal and Jaguar Voices.
Professor Whitworth, the Advisor,  started with a video by U2, “With or Without You”  as they entered the room. “I want to create a certain vibe that welcomes anyone that enters the room.”
Junior, Virginia Bates, began with a powerful presentation that allowed everyone to introduce themselves and then followed up with a TEDxPlano Talk on  “Think Like a Journalist” by Kelsey Samuels
Sophomore, Shyann Snyder explained how to write an Editorial and admitted the reality of writer’s block.  She states when “WB” happens, she writes poetry in order to contribute to Jaguar Voices.   News writing is different than writing poetry.
Last, our brave football player and the only male on the squad, Jayden Johnson, sophomore aspires to write about politics and keeps encouraging the writers to keep their cameras on and speak up, after all, we are “Jaguar Voices.
Writers and reporters were given an account to access so they can begin their journey as a published writer.
After all the business of the class was conducted, the reporters discussed politics, home-schooling, taxes, self-employment among other topics.
Last, Sophomore, Zactavia Waterton popped into the club late to discuss how she was looking for her teacher, Ms. Whitworth to ask about a missing assignment but ended up talking about her grandmother, who is in the hospital. She stated she liked what was going in the club and discided to listen and follow up with a discussion.
Jaguar Voices and The Main Street Journal looks like they will be the next TMZ for PGCPS.