Saving Money

My'Joi Holloway

As teenagers, saving money can be hard. But you get to an age where you want to make your own money. It’s many things you can do to make money such as getting a job or starting your own. Saving money is a great way to get ready for the real world. You will need this in the future.
First off, you can simply ask older people around your neighborhood if they need help with grass cutting or any household chores. You probably won’t receive much money the first go round but if you do it consistently, they may give you more.
A more creative way to receive money is figuring out your talent. If you don’t know your talent, you can simply explore different hobbies to find your Feng shui. If your talent is painting, you can paint canvases and sell them and make a profit.
A more traditional way to receive money is getting a job. Places such as McDonald’s,  Ross, Chipotle, etc., hires teens 16 and up. Places such as Six Flags, Kroger, Baskin Robbins, etc., hires teens as young as 15.
There are plenty of ways to make money. You should just find the best way that works for you then stick to it. You shouldn’t force yourself to get used to a place that you don’t care for. It can affect your mental health.