The Cry of the Motherland

Favour Ijaola

The Motherland is bleeding
She’s been stabbed in the back
By the people, she calls family
The sons setting out to kill each other
The daughters turning a blind eye to it
She yells in agony
And calls out to her brothers and sisters
Who will hear her plead
Her knees buckling under pressure
Who will be her rock
She’s been betrayed by those she thought loved her
They say they’ve got their own obstacles to fight
But little do they know that they are
fighting the same wars
Each time they try to stand
They are shot back down
Her children are under attack
They call out to their mother
Their uncles
Their aunties
But they say they have their own obstacles to fight
Open your eyes and see
That you are fighting the same wars
And losing the same battles
United we stand
Divided we fall
Your family is under attack
They are all bleeding
And still, she cries
And Mourns
But who is ready to hear them