Karon Hylton

Maya Clemons, FreedomFightersDC, and dcist

  1. Karon Hylton was a DC Native and a new father to a 3 month old baby girl. He was riding a registered motorcycle and was struck from the back by DCPoliceDept.

Not only was there a previous pattern of harassment inflicted on Karon by MPD, but they also pulled the plug on his life, quite literally. Karon was checked into the hospital as a John Doe even when the officers knew him previously and the technology helping him to stay alive in the ICU was pulled without consent or notice from his family. This is extremely unethical.
Karon Hylton-Brown’s mother and supporters again gathered at the Fourth District Station of Metropolitan Police Department Friday, demanding acknowledgement, answers and accountability. The 20-year-old died from crash injuries following a police chase last Friday in Brightwood Park.
While this station was the scene of large, chaotic protests earlier in the week, at first, Karen Hylton, Karon’s mother, and a handful of supporters were the only ones there. Karen was there to talk to police, get some answers, and hopefully find some peace.