Financial Literacy: A Class That’ll Follow You For the Rest of Your Life


Enora Tamdem

We’ve all heard students complain about how useless our classes are because we don’t use that knowledge in our daily life. Thanks to SMOB (Student Member of the Board) Advisory Council, that has changed for PGCPS. Starting for the Class of 2023, financial literacy will be a mandatory class.
What is financial literacy? Financial literacy is skills that allow you to properly manage money in different ways. This includes budgeting, investing, and taxes. A lot of students are financially illiterate when they graduate high school. High school is supposed to prepare students for college and adulthood. Yet, when students arrive at college, they don’t know anything about doing their taxes and making smart money moves. Finally, that’s coming to an end for PGCPS.
The idea to make this class mandatory first took place when students of the council were talking about their classes and reflecting on how they can be used in our daily lives and when we grow up. The students realized that these classes weren’t as vital as financial literacy, which wasn’t even mandatory. I interviewed Zoë McCall, a 10th grader at the Academy of Health and Sciences at PGCC. Last year she was on the Advisory Council and testified twice at the board meetings. The process took about 2-3 months because the council had to make a plan. This included a curriculum for the class.  They had to present it at 3 board meetings.
A message to students from McCall, “I know that this is intimidating and that you don’t want to take an extra class, but this is something that’ll be really useful to you. And this is something that you really need to enrich you and prepare you for when you go off to college because knowing these simple concepts, these essential things for life will help you immediately after you learn it.”
We now have a class that’ll really help us in the future. This class is the one we’ll rely on the most when we graduate high school.