Queen Shavon Marie!


Hannah Joseph

Queen Shavon Marie, owner, and founder of Unity Music Academy and Black Journeys is taking the world by storm! She is a musician, singer, teacher, activist along so much more. Queen Marie is from a poor county in North Carolina and is motivated by her purpose and where she came from, which she knew from a young age.  From there, Queen Marie started using and sharing her purpose with her many talents such as music, dance, activism, and teaching. Queen Marie refers herself the Nina Simone of revolution, education, and activism. She is her own boss, with everything she does, especially her music, which she prefers to listen to mostly.
Today, she stands to help African Americans get their voices heard, especially the youth. She encourages youth to be brave and speak up for what they want, what is right, and what is fair, as these are the time the youth are living in.
” Your purpose is young. It is really hard for adults to teach purpose to their kids when they do not know for themselves.”- Queen Shavon Marie stated in an interview.
Please support Queen Shavon Marie through her platforms as she continues to impact change in our communities!
Come out on November 20 2020 and December 11, 2020 at the Supreme Court, in Washington, D.C at 4: 44 p.m! Remember to bring a mask, if you do not have one, one will be provided! Also, check out Queen Shavon Marie’s album for free until December 9th, 2020! ( Through her website down below.)
Instagram: @queenshavonmarie
Facebook: @NefertitilmaniSpeaks
Anchor Podcast: Black Journeyz Podcast
Services/ Promos/ Resources: https://www.queenshavonmarie.com/
Email: [email protected]