The Gun-Violence Epidemic.

Hannah Dunson


In recent years, gun violence has plagued the nation, specifically Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora Theater, Las Vegas, and Parkland. All of these happened because of the one thing that is setting the world on fire today, hate. This epidemic has now reached the outstretches of the world, for example, Cameroon and Afghanistan. In Cameroon just last week, gunmen stormed an elementary school killing 7 children in the wake of a pandemic. Just in the news now, gunmen stormed a University in Afghanistan killing at least 19 people and injuring 22 others. This epidemic that has been caused by guns has now become a new norm. The amount of hate that goes into one bullet shatters the life of another. According to ABC News, one witness states that “They were shooting at every student that they saw,”. The witness Fathullah Moradi, told Reuters that he was able to escape with his friends through one of the University’s gates. The motives of the suspects have not been recovered due to their deaths involving a shootout with security.

            School shootings have now become the new norm for the world to utilize. Many individuals have been wearing their hate well by showing it to people in schools, churches, theaters, and malls. As long as the NRA supports these gun laws that allow individuals to own firearms without credentials or the right security, more young people will have to endure the horror of gun violence. When one life is lost there’s always another to follow right behind it. Studies show that more and more people dying by the use of guns rather than the use of alcohol. According to the Gun Violence Archive, at least 30 teens have died by the use of guns. This epidemic is getting worse by the year and there are at least 4 mass shootings that occur each year. Hopefully, this epidemic ends soon for not just young people, but all people.