The New Wednesday Schedule


Shyann Snyder

What is the New Wednesday schedule like for everyone?

People aren’t quite sure what exactly is going on with our Wednesday schedule. This is the third time that the schedule has changed this school year. However, the new change has been helpful to many people so far. With it being into the second week that this schedule has gone on, it is so beneficial to people who need it. Many people have gotten the help that they need from teachers. Students that they needed help and didn’t have time to discuss with their teachers in the class have time to talk during the three Jaguar Hours.
It has been quite a challenge for some that haven’t been able to have hands-on learning.  Some people are now getting the help that they need so that can be successful for this school year. People are now being able to have better time management with the way that this new school schedule is set up. People can enjoy their day because the new schedule has helped people get the work that they need to get done without having to do it for a long period of time. This schedule has helped benefit so many people and helped them become more successful and organized in the way that this schedule has been made. This has done a lot for many people.