Jaguar Voices Recap


Virginia Bates


Members from the club Jaguar Voices wanted to make this video to share news and information with the school.
The video talked about several topics including politics, what happened in the 1st Quater, what’s happening in the 2nd Quarter, how you can do better in school, Jaguar Wednesdays, updates on the pandemic, and going back to school in February.
The video took and a week for everyone to recorded and edit and it turned out to be a success.
We congratulate these students range from 9th to 12th grade for making this video and sharing outstanding information. We also thank Professor Whitworth for advising and supporting those students.

“They did an outstanding job on this 1st edition and we look forward to receiving outstanding reporting and commentary from this group!” Principal Dr. Brown said in an email, Nov. 11, Thrusday morning

Expect more from Jaguar Voices in the future. You can support us on our social media platforms @chfhsnews and watch our YouTube video!

In Jaguar Voices you can feel free to share with us a combination of articles, drawings, paintings, pictures, poems, videos, etc. We meet every Wednesday at 3:00 pm and our meeting usually goes on for about 2 hours. So if you feel interested in joining, email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you an invitation to our google classroom.