Young People for God


The Young People For God (ypg) club was on Sunday from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The sponsors of the club is Mr. Olowoyo and Ms. Rollins. The president of the Club is Somtochi Ojiaku and the Vice President of the club is Bernice Damoah. YPG is a Christian club for youth and their discussions are based on topics such as faith and life in Jesus Christ. They have ice breakers that are really interesting that cause you to share some things about yourself if you would like. The meeting flow is very nice and smooth, surprisingly I thought that meeting virtually would have made the people be way less attentive and more awkward but that wasn’t the case. The club felt like a safe space to me. I enjoyed the message and how everything is discussion based. I recommend everyone to go Christian or not because the club tries to make sure that your voice is heard.