Extra Study Time

Tonique Francis

 Similar to many other students at Charles Herbert Flowers Highschool, on Wednesday November 11th, I was one of many students who didn’t attend Jag Hour. Jag Hour was a new approach on the Wednesday schedules and is a time period where students can decide to attend a club, meet with teachers, study hall, and more. Personally, I took the time to finish assignments and catch up on my upcoming work. Even with the great amount of time given, with the workload of assignments I had, time still managed to fly by. However in the end I was still grateful for the few hours that were provided. Along with many students at CHFHS, we surely look forward to this new schedule change as it has surely given us the opportunity to to adjust ourselves in areas that need improvement.
There are many other students who did in fact attend the amazing lists of clubs provided here at flowers. We have a list of extremely diverse clubs from Rubix Cube Club, Meditation Club, Self-Care Club, and so much more. All though I didn’t attend a club this past Wednesday, on other days when I do have the free time I might just make an appearance.