Should Students and Teachers Go Back to School?

Hannah Dunson

The time has finally come for students and teachers to ask the dreaded question that has caused confusion for all educators and students. Should Students and Teachers Go Back to School? As days go by many are struggling virtually to keep up with work and other academic activities all the while staying encouraged. Many students during this pandemic are privileged to have the technology required to keep up with school, but other students differ. Although the digital divide has caused many to lose track of school, it is the best decision in order to keep both students and educators safe. Even though we are in virtual learning now, this may not last long.
            Virginia Teachers Association has asked Governor Northam on Monday to scale back reopening. According to the live stream, teachers want to hold reopening because it is not safe to go back during this pandemic. It was stated that “teachers are not able to properly enforce students to wear masks”. Meaning teachers do not have control over students regarding masks which is a problem occurring across the nation. As school days go by, teachers are also breaking the rules due to stress and the refusal to follow the guidelines by the CDC. It was also stated that “students are not wearing masks as well as educators”. Although students may not be wearing masks, if they see their own teachers not following the guidelines, they do the same.
            According to the Teachers Association, it is not safe to reopen schools due to metrics not being placed for both middle and high school. Metrics would help organize schools regarding safety measures and guidelines to ensure that each student and teacher is in a proper environment to learn in. Melissa, a viewer of the live stream stated “Put your mask back on now!!”. Many parents are upset with not only students but teachers as well. To properly get this idea across to Governor Northam, guidelines that were placed by the CDC need to be followed first.