Holiday Thieves


Virginia Bates

Package Theft

We are at that time of year again when robbers and thieves are stealing more and more packages from porches and mailboxes looking for holiday gifts, such as Christmas presents. Gift cards, envelopes, and/or boxes that may look or contain expensive valuables or more vigilant and the perfect target crime for a thief.
To avoid having the gifts you brought to give to family and friends taken, here are four tips you can do to keep your values safe.
Instruct Deliveries With many postal services like Amazon or UPS, you can set specific instructs for delivers packages. You can specify to leave the package at the front, side, or back door, on a porch, hiding under something, with a neighbor, in a garage, or at a custom location. You can also request to sign your package when it’s delivered, to make sure no one else can take your package. Instructional delivery is important and a great tool to use.
Check your Cameras If you have a  Camera like Ring installed at your home. The system can alert you when by package arrivals or even tell you when there’s movement on your front porch. This helps whether you are home or out running errands. Sure to might not stop someone from selling packages, but with the camera, it could show you when and who the face of the thief belongs to that stole your package.
Know your Surroundings It’s important to promptly retrieve your package after it’s been delivered. If you’re not home that may be a problem. Instead of leaving it outside where anyone can take it, ask your neighbor if they can retrieve it for you. You can take this opportunity to form an alliance and offer the same agreement for a neighbor you trust.
Call The Police If there is a possible reason for being a thief in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to call for backup. Once a package has been delivered, whether signed for or not, it is no longer the shipping company’s responsibility. So you must keep a look at for yourself and your neighbors. If you believe you are witnessing someone stealing mail or a package theft in progress, call 9-1-1 immediately. Don’t hesitate because you could just be ending up saving someone’s Christmas.