Outcomes from the Student Listening Session

Dr.Gorman Brown

  • Discussion regarding engagement and participation during distance learning-  Push yourselves to establish a morning routine so that you are starting your day on a positive note!
  • Safety upon our return- Processes and procedures to ensure that students and staff are safe when we return to school
  • Reading emails! Important information is released via email. If you’re reading this one, you already know.
  • Watching the morning announcements as a part of the routine. Teachers will be assisting with this.
  • Assignments- No new assignments will be provided on Wednesday’s. Teachers may have a “check in” and engage in the vocabulary initiative, but no new assignments will be given.
  • Assignments- Assignments given during class as “classwork” will be assigned to be completed during class time, due by the end of independent practice time. Independent Practice assignments and assignments that are not able to be completed during class time will be due no earlier than the next day that class is held.
We invite you to join us for the next event on Wednesday, January 6th at 1pm.