How does Online School really make you feel?

Reese Carey

As a junior here at Flowers, doing online school sucks.

My first two years were pretty cool and a fun experience, coming from a Montessori school with only sixteen 8th graders to a High school with over 2000 students. It was cool to see a lot of new people and build new friendships.
Doing online school has put a pause on a lot of friendships, you get on your zoom calls just to see names on a screen that you don’t know and possibly won’t meet this year due to the pandemic. Online School is so unmotivating and tiring, I feel like I’m forced to just wake up and do work because I have to as when we were in school I felt more into the work and more engaged. I felt there was an actual purpose and some had some motivation. When I look at online school all I see is due dates and lots of assignments that just cause me stress. Teachers assign assignments on top of assignments and that’s a lot of work when you have eight classes a semester. To me, I feel some teachers don’t realize that we are in a pandemic and don’t feel the same.
This pandemic took a toll on a lot of students’ lives and mental health. I feel teachers need to realize that they are assigning too much work and it’s overwhelming. This year also sucks because we don’t even know if we’re going to be able to fully return to our athletic seasons. As of right now, the teams are having team zoom calls hoping to have an actual season. Some kids are really bummed out on possibly not having a season especially the seniors, some of them depended on sports as an opportunity to go to college and this pandemic has put those dreams and accomplishments on hold for some.
For me, I really hope to go back to school soon so I can better myself for the rest of the year and to complete High School the way I would like.