It All Started with a Desk


Virginia Bates

I had just got rid of my old desk and my mom and I found a perfect one while shopping in Costco. We were looking at it for a while for these prices and the ratings and at the same time, this random woman was too. She was about to put it in her cart and I had this confidence out of nowhere to ask her what f she needed help. First, she said no but I helped her anyway. After having a conversation about how I should get the desk and then this cute guy comes out of nowhere and say…

“Is this the desk I was looking for”

“I don’t know is it?” I responded showing the desk

All four of us laughed because of this desk.

He said it would be sold out by tomorrow so my mom and I made a spontaneous decision to get it right then and there. So I went to get a flatbed for us and when I came back he was going to get a flatbed too, but I said just take mine I can go get another one.

He was so sweet saying why is everyone such a nice person and my heart melted.

After I came back a second time my mom was saying something about putting his desk in our car. So I was like…

“Oh we are taking the desk to their house”
“Yeah” My mom responded

My mom and I love helping out people, no matter what. It’s just a nice gesture and it feels good to help people randomly, especially when you have the resources to do so.
After we load all three of our deck onto our flatbeds, we headed to check out together. It felt funny being in this situation and making an association with people you just met.
Weird but oddly clamming to let this happen in the mix of everything. I wasn’t afraid back then. We all had our masks on but for a second, the world began new like alike at the end of the tunnel. It was fascinating and it became more and more.
When we got outside to our cars, the lady realized the desk can fit, so we said our goodbyes.
The guy on the other hand still didn’t have a car that big and I relished that when he pulled up next to my mom and I, in a fancy off white car, with blue lights and rails. He surely was a special one.
He loaded his groceries into his backseat and helped us load our desks into our trunk. We exchanged numbers where we were headed to drop off his desk. This was still unbelievable to me.
The car ride was a little fuzzy to me but I remember going on social media to tell my close friends what situation I got myself in.

“It feels good to help random strangers in public”