Pandemic Traveling Experience

Hannah Joseph

It’s been eleven months now since we started this lockdown, this pandemic for COVID-19. Masks are a part of your outfit, specific measurements between everybody and yourself are crucial. Symptoms of this virus are too similar to common colds, flus, and to top it all off, the common cold and flu are diseases the people catch in this time of year, winter. What’s next? What can I do now, other than be stuck in the now, boring, comfort of my home? What can I do that would be safe?

Well the answer is easy, travel! You’re in a car, with yourself or people you have been safely living with, away from the people that could have something and not even know it. It’s perfect!
Wrong! Traveling in this pandemic is challenging. To plan where your destination will be and what you are going to do there, a vacation, that, was the priority. Now, the process is where are you going? Is it a hot spot? Do we have the supplies to make the trip? Then you can’t necessarily do anything now  because the rule is you get to whatever destination and stay there for however long you were planning to stay, and go right back home.
You had better bring bottles, cans, adult diapers, anything you can use to use the bathroom, because there are no bathrooms open. You had better bring food, because most places will either be closed, or, you will not be able to dine in. You will most likely need to drive straight to your destination, no stopping. This is what  traveling is like now, in this pandemic. . . . Definitely not something to look forward to, wouldn’t you agree?