Suffering In Silence

Favour Ijaola

The pain that I go through
It always leaves residue
Everyone expects something from me
They think it comes naturally
It comes to the point
My issues and anxiety have become conjoined
So much pressure is placed on me
That I feel myself starting to go crazy
The stress I posses is starting to oppress
My will to live, I have nothing left to give
The suffering becoming consecutive
My invasive thoughts and state of mind becoming competitive
People tell me they are open to talk
All for them to mock but then it comes as a shock
When my walls, they start to block
I need more time
Is that a crime
My self confidence and esteem
Is non existent
These thoughts becoming persistent
Consistent to be an assistant to the way I feel the way I feel
I need someone to help
To hear my screams and yelps
I’m tired of suffering in silence
The storms in my mind are a thing of violence
And when I try to calm it
It consumes a spirit of defiance
I’m tired
So tired
Of suffering in silence