Collington Masonic Lodge Scholarships

Frederick Groves

CHFHS Seniors,

Deadline for this scholarship: March 5,2021

This is very important if they are missing anything they are considered  invalid and will not be in the selecting of the top 3  {which we as a Lodge offer additional scholarships of one per school that we do} then we present them to the Grande Lodge. Feel free to have any submitted emailed to me so we can handle on our local end. They can submit online to the Grand Lodge however they could be leaving money on the table. My contact info will be below but also it is on the attachments.

Please feel free to reach out whatever way is best if needed. Also please send back the contact persons information regards picking up the applications please if it is not you. Please have them scan and email directly to me if this is possible and we submit to the Grand Lodge. At our local level we give out additional scholarships.
We have 3 schools and the best one we seem deserving from each, we do a scholarship from Collington Masonic Lodge No.230 AF & AM.  Then we submit them to the Grand Lodge for the big money if you will which is a state wide pool.
If scanning is not a option please you can or have them contact me and I will pick it up personally. (Please Do not wait till the last day, to assure my schedule allows.
On the essay please advise them to be detailed. With our Lodge level it is not necessarily who has the highest grades. If there is a senior that has defied all the odds and things against them to achieve what they have get them to tell there story. 
Any thing I can do do not hesitate to reach out ok.

  1. Scott Farrell

Junior Deacon
Collington Masonic Lodge
Bowie, MD
/Director of Media/Public Relations
Almas Shriners
EMAIL: [email protected]
Scholarship application