My COVID-19 Experience

Hannah Dunson

            The first case in Washington State changed everything for everyone. We as Americans dumbed it down, tried to play it off as a “prank” but this “prank” was like no other. Hundredths of thousands of lives lost because of a single cell that can destroy the human body. This “prank” has been rumored to have been created by the Chinese Government in order to take down the U.S. This “prank” has caused millions of people to lose their jobs in a single day. This “prank” furthermore, has caused me and my family to cancel our Christmas plans. It has caused me and millions of other students around the globe to do class virtually which is causing us and teachers more stress than we had when we learned in person. This virus is no “prank”, the lives lost can account for that. I have learned more about my struggles internally as a person because of what this COVID-19 has pushed onto us. Stress, anxiety, temptation, and regret. There has been a spike in suicide cases in the past year due to this virus. There has been hope given in the world this past month that there has allegedly been a cure found for COVID-19. Many of us are hoping, lots of others are praying that there is really a cure and that this isn’t false hope. Only time will tell and vaccine after vaccine will show if this cure could save millions of lives in the future.